Focused SynergyDance Sessions

September 22nd, 2009

After a great response to the most recent SynergyDance Sunday session focusing on LONGEVITY exercises, let’s carry on and ZOOM in on what matters deep down with the next SynergyDance Sunday Sessions:

18th October - Deepening & Healing the Relationship with YourselfExercises that enable you to get more closely in touch with your own higher wisdom and truth and allow you to understand and receive what you need to nurture your own well-being and health.

15th November 2-6pm, Half-Day Workshop on Staying Energetically Connected in Relationships: Danielle’s SynergyYoga Exercises that stimulate the natural flow of lifeforce energy in the body and allow you to stay connected with others and All Existence followed by life coaching session on relationships offered by Laura Rinnankoski (

13th December – Allowing Energetic Support for Your Heartfelt Needs: Exercises that support your emotional being and allow you to be sustainable and buoyant no matter the circumstances.