NEW SynergyYoga/Dance 6 Week Course, 7th November – 12th December

October 19th, 2010

Experience the joy and freedom of energy in motion!

During this new 6 week SynergyYoga/Healing dance course we will give our attention to whole body and soul awareness as follows:

Week 1 – 7th Nov – The Joints: Creating Space for New Positive Energy Within
Week 2 – 14th Nov – Cranial-Sacral Structure: Connecting Body and Soul More Completely
Week 3 – 21st Nov – The Nervous System: Calming and Clarifying Mind-Body Communications
Week 4 – 28th Nov – Vital Organs: Re-vitalizing and Being Grateful for What is Essential
Week 5 – 5th Dec – Circulation: Activating Energy Flow and Yang/Strength
Week 6 – 12th Dec – Heart & Pelvis: Being Real with How We Feel & Healing Yin

6 week course is 90 Eurs or 20 Eur drop-in. All welcome; no experience required.

For more details, call Danielle on 085-703-4984.