Talk on Deploying Your Intuition to Find Your Ideal Career

October 26th, 2010

Join us for what promises to be an inspiration and interactive evening on deploying your intuition to find your idea career!  See Conscious Living Dublin Seminars for details.

Intuition is simply the state of knowing something without being aware that you know, a non-thought that bypasses the process of thinking, an inner knowing unclouded by the belief system.

And yes, we all have an intuitive nature. It is our “first instinct”, our “gut reaction“, our “feelings” and our “knowingness.” Many of us experience this intuitive part of ourselves in our body as a sensing or feeling. either a good feeling or a not-so-good feeling.

Others describe their intuitive nature as “just a knowing”. It can help us and guide us to not only discover what we really want, but also to facilitate the manifestation of that desire.

Einstein used his intuitive sense to solve complicated theories. Thomas Edison was known to access his intuitive subconscious which gave him creative inspirations for his inventions and his intuitive seeing. Marcella Zinner