November 21st, 2010

During this session we will engage in fun and interactive exercises that allow us to understand our dreams/nightmares in positive ways and to learn how to invoke lucid dreams whereby we can chat with our Unconscious, know we are dreaming within the dream, and create what we want to happen in the dream. We will be invoking dreams to experience that very night and to be shared and explored as a group the next day.

The Session will be facilitated by Genevieve Vierling, professional astrologer and dream-work facilitator with 40 years experience exploring dreams. SeeĀ BlueLightLady for more about her.

Genevieve Vierling

Genevieve Vierling

This workshop runs 7-10pm on Saturday, December 11th and 11am -3pm on Sunday, December 12th. The Saturday session is 25 Eur. The Sunday session fee is 50 Eur. If you attend both days, you will be granted a 5 Eur discount for a total of 70Eur.