Intuitive Readings via Tarot & Astrology

Christine Danielle’s intuitive counselling (essentially life coaching via tarot) ability has been validated by on-going client returnees and referrals over her past 16 years in Ireland.   Given a grandmother who was a successful professional psychologist and in turn, a mother who applied her academic study of psychology to her thriving practice of astrological counselling , Christine Danielle naturally took up counselling skills.  To support her university studies in communications, she trained and worked as a peer counsellor helping fellow students to make the best informed choices for their develoment academically and personally.

In her practice as an intuitive Tarot/astrology reader and teacher, she has worked for Irish television, RTE (Laura Wood’s Programming) giving astrology briefings and for Ireland ’s KISS magazine doing a monthly astrology column.  Christine Danielle also serves as guest columnist on the Blue Light Lady blog.  Again and again over the past decade in Ireland, her clients have returned to seek the accuracy and helpfulness of her intuitive guidance.

Christine Danielle further trained with the American Polarity Therapist Association in  wellness counselling and energy healing, learning to identify the messages that the body signals about underlying emotional and mental inhibitors to optimal health.  She received certification as a Polarity Therapist in 1996 and since has been successfully helping clients to release emotional and mental blocks so they may embrace a life of complete fulfillment and well-being.  To assist her clients, she draws on many tools, including acupressure, cranial-sacral techniques, creative visualization, meditation, stress relief exercises, Gestalt dream interpretation, Jungian intuitive tarot, and astrology.  Different tools work for different people depending on individual beliefs and preferences.  Danielle has an intuitive sense of what tool suits which type of person and without being judgemental can quickly assess strengths and weaknesses.  She adeptly and compassionately guides her clients to be the best people they can be.