SynergyDance & Yoga Classes

Synergy DanceWhat is SynergyDance & Yoga?

Synergy means that when you bring the parts together you create something much greater.  So, in SynergyDance & Yoga, we are bringing together a beautiful blend of yoga and dance, mind, body, heart, and spirit, yin and yang, male and female, shadow, and light.  We are essentially invoking the wholeness of being so that we may feel more complete, healthy, and fulfilled in all that we are and do.

During her SynergyDance/Yoga sessions (view brochure), Danielle allows movement to be guided spontaneously and perfectly suited to each group within the structure of the elements, Ether, Water, Air, Fire and Earth. A typical class involves a gentle flowing yoga warm-up followed by expressive and playful movement around the space, and wind-down into stillness, all to inspiring world music.  No dance or yoga experience is necessary.  Benefits of the class that participants have reported are well-being, improved health, mind/body fitness, emotional healing and break-throughs, increased energy levels, a deeper connection with self, others, and Spirit and sustaining a happy, feel-good glow beyond the bounds of class!

Please see for more details on the founder of SynergyDance/Yoga, training, and background.

When & Where & Cost:

SEPTEMBER – MAY, Every Sunday, 3-5pm at  Olive Tree Yoga Studio.  in SUMMER, JUNE-AUGUST, sessions are sporadic per the Calendar of Events, some indoors 4-6pm to accommodate the longer days and some outdoors, 2-5pm to accommodate the better weather (hopefully!).  Fee is 65 Euros for 6 classes when paid in full on first day of course; 20 Eur for Drop-ins.

What to Bring:

At the studio, yoga mats and Spring water are provided.  So just bring yourself!

What to Wear:

Wear loose, cotton, comfortable layers; socks for warm-up and cool-down; barefeet are perfect for moving around the space at a cardio-vascular pace.

More Info:  View my acrobatSynergyDanceBrochureContact me for more details or check my calendar for a full schedule of upcoming classes and events.

On Blue Light Lady blog, Danielle writes about her first encounter with SynergyDance 17 years ago,

“…one day when in the throws of writing a Masters Thesis in International Communications, I hit a mental road block and it so happens I was also experiencing an emotional block with a relationship that was bringing me down. So, to clear my head, I took a walk near my University and came across these beautiful 14 foot arched windows. As the room beyond was softly lit, I could see arms gracefully waving about as if magically beckoning me. As I walked closer I saw a sign that read SynergyDance and as I had been dancing since the age of 5 (though had let academia push it out of my schedule for several years), I was compelled to go in. In that enchanting place, I immediately signed up for a class and discovered that here I could meld mind, body, heart, and spirit and release all my blockages.”

“… founder and teacher of SynergyDance, Charmaine, an Aries beaming with life-force energy… ignited my inner fire with solar-plexus activating movements. The night after my first class, I went home and nearly started a fire when cooking and then soon found myself blazing with a rage at all the wrongs I had witnessed in my path. SynergyDance helped me to clear an unconscious anger that had been blocked up inside me since my parents divorced when I was one and that had been passively destructive in all of my relationships with men. Soon after, I began to feel the glow of joy to be kindled in my heart. I vowed to never let dance out of my life again and sought certification to teach this inspiring energizing form of dance. Twelve years on, I’m still teaching and find myself more joyful and full of laughter and love than ever.”

For more info, view the acrobatSynergyDanceBrochure or contact Danielle.

For further SynergyDance training and certification, please enroll with the founder of SynergyDance, Charmaine Lee, in Virginia, USA.